Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Well Halloween is coming to an end but I hope that everyone had a fun one! And unfortunately the pumpkins in the picture were not carved by us but I was tired of posting without pics. Anyways, our Halloween consisted of eating some good cheeseburgers, trying out a new church, and then finishing off the night with some delicious caramel apples! Our friends the Wheelers wanted to take us to the church that they have been attending for the past few weeks, so Jarrett and I agreed since we haven't found a church to call home yet. It was fun to try out a new church and we met some really kind people, but Jarrett and I both agreed that we don't think it's the chuch for us. They were super super traditional and we went through about 6 chapters of Isaiah and then we sang a hymn. I don't know if I'm just being stubborn, but I felt so spoiled having such a wondeful church at home and I'm hoping that I can really find a church like Grace up here. Nothing to get discouraged about we just have to keep trying out more churches until we find the one we want to call home.

Well in other news, Jarrett's good friend Wheeler, well his name is Paul but I still call him by his last name because that's how I was introduced to him, well he was pulled aside today and told that he is being tasked, which means he is deploying. This came as a shock since Paul is on Jarrett's team and we were told last week that his team wasn't getting deployed. This is unfortunate too because Wheeler's wife is due with their first child in February. So Jarrett and I are a little nervous right now because this all means that there is still a big chance Jarrett can be deployed. As someone that desperately tries to plan plan plan, the Lord is truly testing me because planning is just not an option right now. All this back and forth business is beginning to drive me a little crazy but the Lord is teaching me a lot such as patience and that the Lord's plans always prevail.

Well hopefully by this weekend I will have my charger for my camera so I can post some pictures of my birthday and our trip to Modesto again this weekend to see my mom and brother who are coming up for my birthday. I can't wait to see family!! God bless!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Wonderful Weekend and some news

Well, I'm so sad that I don't have any pictures to post, my camera is dead and I left the charger in SLO. But, my mom is coming up here for my birthday next weekend so she will bring my charger and then I'll be able to post lots of fun pictures! This weekend was a blast and totally refreshing. Jarrett and I decided on Friday to drive down to my cousin's house in Modesto. We left Vacaville at around 6 and drove the hour and a half drive to Modesto. Once we got there we made a bunch of popcorn and sat down and watched "The Princess Bride" with my cousins Nora who is 11 and Emma who is 5. Then, yesterday we went to Emma's soccer game and then went to this huge pumpkin patch. This pumpkin patch wasn't just any pumpkin patch! There was a maze that was in a huge corn field and then a haunted house in the cornfield as well. There were also these huge guns that you could shoot little pumpkins out of to try and hit targets; Jarrett enjoyed that part. Last night, my uncle took Jarrett and me to this wonderful Mexican restaurant. It was great to finally have some good Mexican food because Jarrett and I have searched and failed so far to find that special Mexican restaurant. This morning, my uncle, cousins, and Jarrett and I went to the country club in Modesto for breakfast and then Jarrett and I hit the road and drove back to Vacaville. Now I'm getting some blog updating in while Jarrett is studying.

This past week was a pretty tough one for me. It's my first time living away from home and it's not like going away to college where there are tons of people to meet and hang out with. So I've been pretty homesick since I'm basically by myself from 6 in the morning until 4:30 in the afternoon. I'm so thankful that I do have Jarrett's friend Paul and his wife here, we have had fun eating dinner together and watching movies. I did drive around Vacaville a bit this week, walked around a Borders Books for about an hour and sat and drank coffee at a Peet's Coffee, which I was very excited to find. This week, I'm hoping to get my license, social security, and military ID and insurance taken care of. I tried to get it done last week but realized that I didn't have my birth certificate on hand, so my mom had to Fed Ex it to me.

I also have some exciting news to share. On Wednesday, Jarrett called me from work informing me that the tasking came down for the deployment and they have decided to only send the primary team. There are two teams with 4 guys on each team, the primary team and the secondary team. Jarrett is on the secondary team. So as of this moment, Jarrett isn't being deployed. This is very exciting news, but I have been very hesitant to tell people because of how back and forth everything has been. If something happens to a guy on the primary team, Jarrett would be the first to be pulled up. And you never know, they could decide to send the secondary team after all. I'm very excited that my husband won't be leaving, but this has also been hard for me because of all the changes that we have had to make, I'm just very interested to know what the Lord's plan is in all of this and I find courage in remembering that His plans are always good, although they may be hard. Right now, I'm just trying to figure out what I am going to do about school and stuff like that, since I was planning on returning to SLO and Cal Poly in the winter.

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend as well. Please keep Jarrett and me in your prayers.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Some Wedding Pictures!

So sorry for the delay in posting some pictures. They weren't finished yet and so that is the reason. But I'm super excited because our photographer, Joshua Caine, just posted some pictures on his blog But, I will also post a few on my blog.

In updates, this past weekend was filled with relaxing, mainly due to Jarrett's foot and the fact that he can barely walk on it. He is doing ok, trying to keep his foot elevated and unfortunately the pain is so bad, he has been on a few painkillers. Today, he went to work, but he can't do his job so they have him doing paperwork and computer work. Target called today to follow up on the accident but they had to talk to Jarrett, so I wasn't able to find out what they were going to do. Yesterday, Jarrett and I were pretty upset when we went back to Target to purchase the stuff that was in our cart during the accident, and we were disappointed to find that they hadn't even held our stuff, and they left me to dig through a bin of returned items to find our stuff. They didn't even say anything to us about the accident and didn't appologize for not holding our items. Jarrett and I aren't very confrontational people, but this is just unexceptable. So with that said, I'll keep you updated after Jarrett speaks with Target.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!! I gotta run to go put our laundry in the dryer. It's taking me a little while, but I am starting to become a little more domesticated. My mother would be proud.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Nothing like spending the day at the ER!

Today started out as an ordinary day, woke up late, ate breakfast and enjoyed a wonderful cup of coffee, got ready, and headed out to explore the town of Vacaville. First we drove through the outlets, and let me tell you, I am soooo excited. The outlet mall here is HUGE. Well, then Jarrett and I wanted to go to Target again to pick up a few more things that we needed for our apartment. Jarrett and I love Target, so going there is like a day at the park. We roamed the aisle and Jarrett found like 7 pieces of clothing that he "couldn't live without." Which I agreed he could get them first because he looked so darn cute and second because he only owns 1 pair of jeans and like 5 black t-shirts. We were both super excited about the deals that we had discovered! Then we decided to go shop for the stuff that we needed for the apartment. We really wanted to find some kind of shelf to put some pictures on and Jarrett's collection of DVD's. We finally came upon the perfect piece, only $20 dollars for a 3 shelf bookcase, not good quality but it would work. We chatted and thought it would look cute to buy two of the bookcases and put them on each side of our entertainment stand. This is when the real fun began.

Jarrett lifted the first box into the cart, joking about how heavy it was, of course I shrieked and said "BE CAREFUL HONEY!" as he started giggling. Then, Jarrett went to go lift the second box, well this box decided to be mean and the whole bottom of the box opened, sending all of it's wooden contents out of the bottom, and directly on to Jarrett's poor little foot. Well, I didn't really see where the wood had fallen so when he stood there with his eyes bugging out, I thought maybe he was exagerrating a little bit (which he sometimes tends to do haha). Well, I guess it hurt so bad that he couldn't even breathe/ talk. So here I go scrambling through the aisles of Target trying to find someone to come help us and after running through pretty much the whole store with no luck, I finally find a group of employees just chilling. I say "umm...can you help a box just broke and everything fell on my husband's foot." Well that gets them freaking out and they start running and yelling for people over the little headphone thingy for "backup." Well, I guess nothing exciting happens at Target because within 1 minute the whole staff of Target was surrounding us, you would have thought somebody had keeled over in the aisle. Jarrett takes off his sock and everyone shrieks at the look of his bloody, swollen, disgusting foot. The manager comes over and takes a full report, saying they will pay for all the medical bills. Well that sucks since we get all of our medical covered, and I'm thinking "hey, maybe you can just give us all of those cute clothes in our cart." After finally getting out of the store, which took a good 20 minutes because everyone was giving us advice and trying to help, we rush Jarrett over to the ER on base. And a good 3 hours later (don't you love hospitals) we find out his big toe is broken, although we think he broke his the two toes next to his big toe too because they are huge and black and blue.

So, I guess I'm taking care of my hubby for the next few weeks; they said he couldn't do physical training at work for 6 weeks or so. Knowing Jarrett he will start working out before that, because even now he can't sit still for 5 minutes, he was just cleaning the kitchen! I was thinking about putting a pic up, but opted not to for fear it might really gross people out. Please pray that Jarrett's foot would heal quickly and we're giving thanks that it wasn't worse. And Target our love affair with you is still strong!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


So, today Jarrett and I woke up bright and early because the internet and cable guy was supposed to be here in between the hours of 8 and 12. Jarrett and I got up and got ready and of course the guy didn't show up until close to 11. But that was ok because we just toasted some bagels and vegged for a little while. Jarrett wasn't feeling to good last night because we both have been running around non-stop, but him especially and I think it finally caught up with him. So, today it has been nice to just hang out and be lazy.
I think later on we are going to run to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up some cookie sheets because we bought that wondeful tub of cookie dough at Costco yesterday and I can't wait to bake some. But that doesn't mean that we can't dig into the cookie dough now....mmmm yum! Later on tonight we are going to make mexican food for dinner and then we might go see a movie or something. I feel like I really want to explore this town, but so far all I've seen is huge shopping centers. I'm starting to miss the small town feeling of SLO and I've only been gone for 3 days...sad. Anyone who lives up near here, do you know if there is a little downtown anywhere with little boutiques? Let me know!
Well, I took some pics of our apartment, it's a little bare because we don't have much furniture so don't laugh at the bachelor pad look of the living room.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Moved in!

So we have officially moved in to our new apartment in Vacaville, California, which is just a few minutes from base. Our apartment is super cute and I am so excited to make it into a home. We don't have much furniture but we're making it work for now. We packed up our cars yesterday and borrowed a huge truck from Jarrett's uncle and made the 4 1/2 hour drive up here. It was a pretty smooth drive, no traffic but it did start to rain as we got closer to Vacaville. When we arrived, Jarrett and I met with the lady at the apartment and got all of our paperwork filled out and our keys to our place! Then we unloaded the truck and spent the rest of the day putting stuff away and setting up. Moving has got to be one of the biggest pains, but thankfully the Lord was looking down on us and opened the clouds for the hour that we were moving everything from our car, up the stairs and into the apartment. But it was pouring for most of the day. Jarrett and I went to Target and got some stuff we needed and then we went over to Jarrett's friend, Wheelers place. Their apartment is just a few doors down from us, it's so fun! Jarrett had invited Wheeler and his wife Leigh Anne over for dinner so he cooked up some yummy fettucini alfredo, garlic bread, and vegetables. A perfect meal for a very long day! And then we watched Transformers with Wheeler and Leigh Anne on the new tv that Jarrett and I picked out yesterday.
Today, Jarrett and I slept in until about 10:30 which was wonderful, and then went to Costco and got some groceries! And tonight, Jarrett has to go pick up everything from his dorm on base and move it into our apartment. Ahh more stuff to organize! All in all, the past few days have been a dream come true. I married my best friend and we finally get to live in our own little place together. I'm really liking the city of Vacaville so far, pretty much the whole town is new and has all the neccesities such as Costco, Target, and more. Besides the colder weather, it's great! I really want to upload some pictures, but I will do that when we get our official internet set up tomorrow. And also I should go because Jarrett is bossing me around and telling me to have my clothes put away by the time he gets back. Haha, aw the joys of married life. Well I love all of you and miss everyone back in SLO but thank goodness it's only a some what short drive away!

Monday, October 15, 2007


Hey everyone! Well, Jarrett and I finally got married yesterday, October 14, 2007 in a beautiful and perfect ceremony in Morro Bay, California. Everything went wonderfully; I couldn't have asked for it to be any better! I really want to spend time writing about everything, but I don't really have time right now, but I wanted to make sure I got at least one picture up. There will be more to come once Jarrett and I get internet in our apartment up north! Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive and loving, Jarrett and I can't thank you enough. We love you!