Saturday, October 20, 2007

Nothing like spending the day at the ER!

Today started out as an ordinary day, woke up late, ate breakfast and enjoyed a wonderful cup of coffee, got ready, and headed out to explore the town of Vacaville. First we drove through the outlets, and let me tell you, I am soooo excited. The outlet mall here is HUGE. Well, then Jarrett and I wanted to go to Target again to pick up a few more things that we needed for our apartment. Jarrett and I love Target, so going there is like a day at the park. We roamed the aisle and Jarrett found like 7 pieces of clothing that he "couldn't live without." Which I agreed he could get them first because he looked so darn cute and second because he only owns 1 pair of jeans and like 5 black t-shirts. We were both super excited about the deals that we had discovered! Then we decided to go shop for the stuff that we needed for the apartment. We really wanted to find some kind of shelf to put some pictures on and Jarrett's collection of DVD's. We finally came upon the perfect piece, only $20 dollars for a 3 shelf bookcase, not good quality but it would work. We chatted and thought it would look cute to buy two of the bookcases and put them on each side of our entertainment stand. This is when the real fun began.

Jarrett lifted the first box into the cart, joking about how heavy it was, of course I shrieked and said "BE CAREFUL HONEY!" as he started giggling. Then, Jarrett went to go lift the second box, well this box decided to be mean and the whole bottom of the box opened, sending all of it's wooden contents out of the bottom, and directly on to Jarrett's poor little foot. Well, I didn't really see where the wood had fallen so when he stood there with his eyes bugging out, I thought maybe he was exagerrating a little bit (which he sometimes tends to do haha). Well, I guess it hurt so bad that he couldn't even breathe/ talk. So here I go scrambling through the aisles of Target trying to find someone to come help us and after running through pretty much the whole store with no luck, I finally find a group of employees just chilling. I say "umm...can you help a box just broke and everything fell on my husband's foot." Well that gets them freaking out and they start running and yelling for people over the little headphone thingy for "backup." Well, I guess nothing exciting happens at Target because within 1 minute the whole staff of Target was surrounding us, you would have thought somebody had keeled over in the aisle. Jarrett takes off his sock and everyone shrieks at the look of his bloody, swollen, disgusting foot. The manager comes over and takes a full report, saying they will pay for all the medical bills. Well that sucks since we get all of our medical covered, and I'm thinking "hey, maybe you can just give us all of those cute clothes in our cart." After finally getting out of the store, which took a good 20 minutes because everyone was giving us advice and trying to help, we rush Jarrett over to the ER on base. And a good 3 hours later (don't you love hospitals) we find out his big toe is broken, although we think he broke his the two toes next to his big toe too because they are huge and black and blue.

So, I guess I'm taking care of my hubby for the next few weeks; they said he couldn't do physical training at work for 6 weeks or so. Knowing Jarrett he will start working out before that, because even now he can't sit still for 5 minutes, he was just cleaning the kitchen! I was thinking about putting a pic up, but opted not to for fear it might really gross people out. Please pray that Jarrett's foot would heal quickly and we're giving thanks that it wasn't worse. And Target our love affair with you is still strong!


Erica S. said...

Hello Kate...

this is Erica and Erica and wow that sounds like a crazy eventful day you had there. we have been praying much!!!! and will definitely be praying for you and Jarrett and his foot.

You are so funny and we really enjoyed reading that ...I'm glad your love affair with Target is still strong. haha

What a blessing to see God provide more time to spend with Jarrett, even though he is probably in a bit of pain. We admire your faith in so many ways, and love you sooo much!

this is a neat verse that we like...
Proverbs 22:11
"He who loves a pure heart and whose speech is gracious will have the king for his friend."

Erica S. said...

oooooo we are so encouraged by your trust in God's plan and will. Your faith has increased in more ways than you perhaps realize and it is AWESOME!!! Glory to God my sister!!!

spano and owen

"The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom." Proverbs 9:10

Sarah said...

kate you are hilarious. i mean obivously it wasn't funny, but the way you wrote are so stinkin funny. i can't wait to see you!