Monday, October 22, 2007

Some Wedding Pictures!

So sorry for the delay in posting some pictures. They weren't finished yet and so that is the reason. But I'm super excited because our photographer, Joshua Caine, just posted some pictures on his blog But, I will also post a few on my blog.

In updates, this past weekend was filled with relaxing, mainly due to Jarrett's foot and the fact that he can barely walk on it. He is doing ok, trying to keep his foot elevated and unfortunately the pain is so bad, he has been on a few painkillers. Today, he went to work, but he can't do his job so they have him doing paperwork and computer work. Target called today to follow up on the accident but they had to talk to Jarrett, so I wasn't able to find out what they were going to do. Yesterday, Jarrett and I were pretty upset when we went back to Target to purchase the stuff that was in our cart during the accident, and we were disappointed to find that they hadn't even held our stuff, and they left me to dig through a bin of returned items to find our stuff. They didn't even say anything to us about the accident and didn't appologize for not holding our items. Jarrett and I aren't very confrontational people, but this is just unexceptable. So with that said, I'll keep you updated after Jarrett speaks with Target.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!! I gotta run to go put our laundry in the dryer. It's taking me a little while, but I am starting to become a little more domesticated. My mother would be proud.


joshua caine said...

I just read all of your entrees. Tell Jerrett I hope he feels better. Target is CRAZY!!! Well, have a wonderful day, and I'll talk to you guys soon!