Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Well Halloween is coming to an end but I hope that everyone had a fun one! And unfortunately the pumpkins in the picture were not carved by us but I was tired of posting without pics. Anyways, our Halloween consisted of eating some good cheeseburgers, trying out a new church, and then finishing off the night with some delicious caramel apples! Our friends the Wheelers wanted to take us to the church that they have been attending for the past few weeks, so Jarrett and I agreed since we haven't found a church to call home yet. It was fun to try out a new church and we met some really kind people, but Jarrett and I both agreed that we don't think it's the chuch for us. They were super super traditional and we went through about 6 chapters of Isaiah and then we sang a hymn. I don't know if I'm just being stubborn, but I felt so spoiled having such a wondeful church at home and I'm hoping that I can really find a church like Grace up here. Nothing to get discouraged about we just have to keep trying out more churches until we find the one we want to call home.

Well in other news, Jarrett's good friend Wheeler, well his name is Paul but I still call him by his last name because that's how I was introduced to him, well he was pulled aside today and told that he is being tasked, which means he is deploying. This came as a shock since Paul is on Jarrett's team and we were told last week that his team wasn't getting deployed. This is unfortunate too because Wheeler's wife is due with their first child in February. So Jarrett and I are a little nervous right now because this all means that there is still a big chance Jarrett can be deployed. As someone that desperately tries to plan plan plan, the Lord is truly testing me because planning is just not an option right now. All this back and forth business is beginning to drive me a little crazy but the Lord is teaching me a lot such as patience and that the Lord's plans always prevail.

Well hopefully by this weekend I will have my charger for my camera so I can post some pictures of my birthday and our trip to Modesto again this weekend to see my mom and brother who are coming up for my birthday. I can't wait to see family!! God bless!


Jenny Fugler said...

I understand all your frustrations with the unsteadiness of the military. Keep pressing on and choose to LEARN to have a flexible attitude. It is such a testimony to those other wives who complain (I am guilty of this as well...). Keep at it, Kate!