Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My little bee

It all began over 20 years ago when little Katie moved into the house across the street from me in Florida. An extraordinary friendship began to grow and has bloomed into something neither of our families could have imagined. We did everything together from the moment we met when we were toddlers. Everything from running through the sprinklers, knocking teeth out on the slip and slide, being human tornados that left nothing unturned, riding Thunder Mountain at Disney World, and eating Mimi's mac and cheese until our bellies popped. Katie is the sister that I never had. We often joked and still do that we were born to the wrong mothers. Katie is the wild and crazy one like my mom and i am the more conservative, quiet one like her mom. When my family decided to move to California when I was 7, it was decided that we would continue to see each other. Actually, I don't even know if we discussed visiting each other; it was more like an unspoken understanding that our friendship was more than just a simple friendship and it would continue no matter what. From the time I was 8 years old, I would pack up my bags, hop on a plane by myself, and make the trek out to Florida to see my little Katie. (I say little even though she is older than me. But she is just so cute and petite!) Every summer, we would take trips together whether it was to North Carolina, the Grand Canyon, or New York City. Despite the length of the country between us, Katie and I have managed to be at every important occasion whether it was her high school graduation, my high school graduation, or my wedding. We are there for each other.

I mention our story because I am asking for prayer. Prayer for my little bee, my sister, my hero. See Katie had a kidney transplant when she was two. Unfortunately, her kidney began to fail a little over two years ago and she has been on dialysis for the same duration. Dialysis is an incredibly exhausting procedure but it doesn't stop Katie. About six months ago, the doctors decided that Katie is also in need of a liver transplant. The past few years have been an exhausting, emotional journey for Katie but we are rejoicing that there is almost a light at the end of the tunnel. Katie is currently number 1 on the transplant list. I pray that anyone reading this would pray for Katie. Prayer in numbers is a powerful thing and I have incredible faith that the long awaited phone call will arrive any day now. She has been so patient and faithful. Please help me in praying for my dear Katie. Also, please pray that when we do receive the phone call, that I would be able to make it home to be with her. Not even the distance of half the world will keep me from being there. :-)
I think this picture was from spring '07
Here is Katie dancing with my dad at my wedding.
My two favorite ladies. Katie and my mom.
Katie was my maid of honor.