Sunday, December 13, 2009


I've composed a list of my top 5 favorite things as of right now!

#1 Everything Christmas! I was a little worried about the holiday season coming around because I was afraid about how I would feel being so far from family but I feel so blessed by this Christmas season. Jarrett and I are starting our own traditions which include watching Christmas movies almost every night, having a small glass of wine and eating yummy fudge after dinner, and buying a couple new Christmas ornaments to help boost our ornament collection. We have been talking about our plans for Christmas eve and Christmas and I am excited about what we have planned!

#2 Lots of candles! My husband is really getting irritated about my obsession with candles but I just can't help it. If I find a yummy candle, my obsessive behavior takes over and I have to buy it! Yesterday, my husband managed to pry me from a display of candles on sale, but unfortunately he lost the battle today when I found some delicious soy candles for only $4 a pop! I managed to sneak one into our cart. My belief is you can never have enough candles.

#3 Bethany Dillon. I seriously have loved this musical artist since I was like 15. She is amazing! I love everything on her new cd and I think I could listen to it for hours on end. Her lyrics go much deeper and are more honest than any other artist I know.

#4 My new Flip video camera. I asked for a video camera for my birthday and after a bunch of research, I decided on the Flip Ultra. This little camera is not for the serious videographer, but more for the videographer that just wants to take simple videos to share with friends and family. I seriously love this thing. It has a USB thing attached to it, which makes it super easy to upload the videos onto your computer. And the best thing about this camera is that it can be purchased at a super reasonable price! In fact, it's on sale on Amazon for $90. This irritates me slightly since I just purchased mine on Amazon for $120 and it went on sale like a week later, but I still feel like I got it for a good deal compared to the price I almost paid to buy it on the island. I've attached a couple short clips at the bottom.

Video 1 from Kate Boyd on Vimeo.

Video 2 from Kate Boyd on Vimeo.

#5 Speaking of Amazon, I am obsessed with Amazon!! I think I did more than half my Christmas shopping on Amazon because everything is so much cheaper and they offer free shipping on most items over $25. This is really helpful when shipping stuff to Guam because it can get a bit pricey. This website is a Guamanian's dream come true because the selection of items is awesome and the items are much cheaper than I would ever pay on this island!


Mama Mote said...

So fun to hear your voices. Cute videos. Your tree is so pretty with the lights on. I hope you have a Merry Christmas. We're flying to OR to see Danielle and Liz & Gregg who decided to go up to visit her. Then we hope to get to SLO for a couple of days. love and hugs

Natalie Goffinet said...

oh i love guys are so adorable!