Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas in Guam!

Jarrett and I enjoyed our first Christmas in Guam and our third Christmas together as a married couple! Realizing that we are growing up and won't always be able to spend the holidays with our families, Jarrett and I made every effort to create our own special traditions and memories. During the month of December, we would cuddle up on the couch, eat some dessert, and watch a Christmas movie at least twice a week. We hung lights in the house, adorned the house with decorations that we have accumulated over the past few years, and purchased our first large Christmas tree. We added a few unique ornaments to our collection and lit holiday scented candles through out the house. All in all, this turned out to be a very special and memorable Christmas and I couldn't be more happy. What I think I loved most about this Christmas was that we didn't focus on gifts, even though that never really is a priority to us, but rather on each other and enjoying our time together. Jarrett and I will not be together next Christmas, so we soaked in every moment of this holiday season.

On Christmas eve, Jarrett and I went to church and then went to a nice restaurant for a delicious Christmas eve dinner. Christmas morning, we woke up bright and early. I immediately turned some Christmas music on while Jarrett brewed a pot of coffee. We opened our gifts one by one and recorded videos to share with those who sent us gifts. After gift opening, Jarrett made some mimosas and we spent a few hours calling family and friends. We skyped both our families which was extra special. After that, I began cooking our Christmas meal while we watched the Nativity Story. I baked a ham and prepared lots of fixings such as mashed potatoes and my favorite green bean casserole. And after we stuffed ourselves silly, we decided to go see a movie. After the movie, we came home and curled up together on the couch with some new books we got for Christmas. All in all, we had a wonderful Christmas despite being away from family who we miss dearly!

Also, my dear friend Lindsey sent me this wonderful care package. I can't even describe how nice it was to eat some candy cane joe joe's after our delicious meal. So special.


Mama Mote said...

Sounds like a beautiful time for you and Jarrett. That's great. We were able to spend time with both our kids, but we had to go to Oregon to do it, so we made the trip to OR and then on down to SLO. We just got home tonight. Fun time with family and friends. Hope you have a Happy New Year. hugs