Thursday, October 1, 2009


I inhale the salty, refreshing, and pure air; the wind gently tousles my hair. I crinkle my toes up and feel the sand seep into the cracks between my toes. The water gently moving towards and then away from the shore like a calm heartbeat. Life seems so simple standing at the edge of the warm, clear ocean water. Home feels like I could almost touch it across the horizon. The thousands of miles in between this shore and the shores of the Central Coast seem to dissolve. Peace and joy rush over me just like the ocean water rushes over the sand beneath my toes. I love how the Lord can renew my spirit with one glance and touch of His magnificent creation.

I asked Jarrett if we could drive down to the beach last night. Thankfully, living on an island means that the beach is never too far away. I wasn't feeling particularly homesick yesterday, yet at the same time, I wanted to feel close to home. I wanted to feel like it was within reach; separate from the reality that I'm so far from home for a few precious moments. The beach does that. (Thank you Robbin for your encouragement and sweet reminder of the power of the ocean).

So last night we went home in our imaginations. Let go of the stresses of work, moving, unusual weather patterns, and such. We felt the water on our fingertips, documented our emotions, and got back into the car feeling renewed.


Mama Mote said...

You are so welcome, Kate. I love this blog and the pictures...I can picture you and Jarrett at the edge, waving to us. I'm waving back. Love you and miss you