Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I received an e-mail the other day that broke my heart. I have been sponsoring Augustine since I was 17. Augustine lives in Ghana and is 7 now. The e-mail I received said that Augustine is no longer available for sponsorship and that I would receive a letter in the mail with more details. Well I'm impatient and it takes two weeks for mail to get here, so I called up WorldVision and asked for more details. Fortunately, the reason Augustine is no longer in the program is because he has moved in with relatives that can now provide for him. I am so happy that Augustine is being provided for, but I am sad that I will no longer be able to communicate with him. Even though I have never met Augustine, he was close to my heart. I have sent him birthday cards, Christmas cards, first day of school cards. I have received updates here and there with little pictures he drew for me. My favorite was a picture of a 3d box he drew. So cute. I love Augustine, and though I might not have been the best sponsor, I hope he just might miss me like I am going to miss him. I can't wait to finally meet him one day in heaven. I am in the process of praying for a new child to sponsor. I am leaning towards sponsoring a child from Asia this time around but we will see. I wish I could afford to sponsor more than one, as there are so many children in desperate need of support. This is Augustine. Isn't he so adorable!


Mama Mote said...

Oh, Kate, I know exactly how you feel, although I did get a chance to meet my child. He just decided he didn't want to continue with the program, so I don't know where he is at right now. So glad your little guy is doing well. I did the same...started sponsoring another child in Rwanda. Wish I could do more, too. But glad you are able to still sponsor one for now. After I get a job, I hope to use my money a little more wisely and maybe I can help another child, too. hugs