Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The storm that is no more!

Can you come pick me up on base? This was the call I received from Jarrett earlier this afternoon. What?!?!? I replied. But the tropical storm is supposed to hit in about an hour!! I hurried and grabbed my keys, and jumped into the car to avoid getting stuck on the streets in the peak of the storm. I turned the radio up and cautiously headed down the rain slicked roads. Ladies and gentlemen the storm is no more. We repeat the storm has fallen apart and all tropical storm warnings are canceled. These are the words I hear. I didn't know whether to feel totally ecstatic or slightly let down. Probably a mixture of both.

How does that happen? How does a tropical storm break up and suddenly shift to the north an hour before it's supposed to hit?? As of 12pm today, the local news stations were still reporting the storm would arrive shortly after 1pm. We had the best weather predictors in the pacific monitoring this storm. My only reasoning behind this sudden change is that this was an act of God. Amazing.

But we aren't wiping our brows and saying Wheewww quite yet. Tropical storm Melor is making its way toward the Marianas and is expected to be upgraded to a category 1 typhoon by then. We will just call this a test run for Melor which might arrive Saturday. But as you can see, things can change at any moment, even an hour before its supposed arrival.

Until then, our normal daily routines will continue until we hear more. This has been a crazy day to say the least. With the expectance of the tropical storm, to the tsunami watch we had this morning. What a mixture of emotions everyone has felt today. Thank you Jesus for your blanket of safety and relief cast over the island of Guam today.


Mama Mote said...

Wow! You always have to be ready for anything it looks like. Thanks for the pictures, too. Love seeing your new home. miss you guys