Friday, January 4, 2008

End of '07 and beginning of '08

It's been a little bit since I last blogged and that's because I have been spending a ton of much needed time with my hunky hubby. Jarrett has had all of New Year's week off and it feels just like the old days being able to spend all day together watching movies and doing a whole lot of nothing. Unfortunately, as I mentioned in my last blog, I started to come down with a bit of a cold which turned into over a week of gagging down dayquil and nyquil, piling up tissues, and laying bundled up on the couch watching America's Next Top Model reruns much to my husbands dismay. And sadly the hubby has joined my sickie club and is now knocked out on a home made bed on the floor, couging, and attempting to breathe through his nose which just results in a whole lot of snoring. But despite our sicknesses, we have still managed to accomplish a lot this past week and have a whole lot of fun.
Last weekend, the Boyd's make the long trek up to Vacaville and joined us for a little after Christmas celebration. We had planned on going to San Francisco but the weather didn't agree, so instead we decided to go to the big mall in Sacramento. We also enjoyed many meals together, of course one of those meals was at our favorite Olive Garden, went bowling, which by the way I kicked butt at...just the way I like it, and just had fun spending time together.

After the Boyd's left, New Year's Eve was right around the corner. Jarrett and me being the homebodies that we are, stayed in and had our friend Paul over. We barbequed and watching a movie and then when midnight rolled around we watched the humongous illegal fireworks going off right by our apartment odd sight to see in the middle of a residential area. Then we bid our friend Paul farewell, as he was unfortunately getting ready to deploy the next day. Jarrett and I had planned to go snowboarding on New Years day, but when we woke up that morning I realized when I couldn't even breathe, that snowboarding was just simply not going to happen. The hubby was a little bummed, although he didn't show it, so I promised we would do something fun later on in the day and go snowboarding the next day. Jarrett has really got into golfing, after he went golfing with my brothers on Christmas day, so we decided to head over to the local driving range and hit some balls. I can't say I'm the most graceful golfer, but I managed. I always laugh when I go golfing now, because when I was in elementary school, my dad so badly wanted me to golf. I would say I was pretty good at the time but I just didn't apply myself enough and frankly I just didn't have the patience for the sport. My dad tried everything from buying me cute golfing outfits, to getting me women's golfing magazines, but being the stubborn person that I am (obviously my father's child) golfing just never became a passion. So when I called my dad on New Years and told him Jarrett and I were going golfing, I was once again reminded of those days when I heard my dad's voice on the other line immediately brighten up. It's funny because as I gripped that club tightly in my hands, swung, and sent the golf ball flying, I thought what might have been if I had taken my dad's advice and applied myself to the game of golf. But swing after swing and hit after hit, I soon became bored and realized once again that some things are just never meant to be. But Jarrett and I still managed to have some fun.

The next day, I woke up feeling slightly better but knew that I wasn't going to spend the day in bed again and disappoint my poor husband who had been dying to go snowboarding. So we loaded up the car, Olive and all, and drove up to Sierra at Tahoe. The weather was beautiful and we had a blast like we always do when we go snowboarding. And the most fun part was that Jarrett and I both go to try out our new snowboards, which were our Christmas presents to eachother.

Jarrett and I have had a great start to '08 and are excited to see what this year holds. I know that this year will contain it's set of joys and heartaches but I'm so excited and lucky to be able to experience whatever may come with the person I love most as my husband. I have no resolutions because I never keep them, but my one goal for this year is to live with more passion. Passion for my Lord and Savior, passion for my slice of heaven that is my husband, and passion for the things I enjoy most in life such as helping others and furthering my education. Here's to a great '08!


Liv said...
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Natalie said...

Kate, hey!!!
Its so good to hear from you. Andy yes it has been the most difficult thing to endure, but I have less than two weeks to go. He was able to call me two days ago, the first time I had talked to him since he left. I have been very blessed to recieve all the letters he sent,I was surprised he even sent more than one. Kate, isn't it amazing to be in Love with someone. I am learning so much about myself and realizing that my future is going to be so different then what I thought it was going to be. God deffinitely has a plan for me and I can't wait to see what it is. I know that Paul and I are young but with him being in the military and me willing to go wherever, whenever, I know that things will be moving so much quicker than I thought. But i'm thrilled and can't wait. It's so encouraging hearing about you and Jarett, tell me more, I love to learn from others experiences. I hope all is well and I'll keep you and Jarett in my Prayers.

Natalie said...

Navy, yes he is!! i forgot that, haha! :)

Robbin said...

Dan would love for me to take up golfing. I've done a couple of lessons, but like you, I got bored. We'll see if I try again.