Wednesday, November 7, 2007

To everyone in SLO...

We're coming home this weekend!!!! Yay, I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself. Yesterday, I realized that Jarrett doesn't have work on Monday because of Veteran's day, so I immediately called him up and said, "you don't have work on Monday, can we pleeeeeeeaaaaassseee go home this weekend?" and of course he couldn't say no to my pleading so he agreed that we can leave Friday right after he gets off work. I'm hoping to get on the road and arrive in SLO by 7:30 because my brother, Jimmy, got pulled up again to play on the varsity football team against SLO's all time rival, Arroyo Grande! This weekend is also the annual Straight Down golf tournament, and my parents always have a big get together, so I'm excited we will be able to go to that on Sunday.

When I go home I will also be able to meet the new addition to our family, little Spock. Our good friends up the street have this very rare cat that has these ears that lay permanently flat. Apparently these cats are very expensive and rare. This cat of theres is an indoor cat and for some reason wasn't neutered. After a quick escapade outdoors one day, it came home knocked up and soon after gave birth to some kittens. A few of the kittens have normal ears, one kitten has the flat ears, and the last kitten has ears that were half up and half down which they named Spock. My family was interested in adopting Spock before Carlos ever got sick, but when he did last week we decided to pass on bringing Spock home for fear that it would stress Carlos out. Well, Carlos unfortunately passed away last week and so when my mom got home from Modesto this weekend, my dad surprised her with little Spock. My mom was referring to Spock as a he last week and then when I called this week she was referring to Spock as a her. I got a little confused and asked, "Is it a boy or a girl?" and my silly mother responds, "I'm not really sure, I have to take her to the vet to find out." Oh goodness. Well, my mom has already spoiled this little kitty with a leopard print bed and other accessories and when I call home I can always hear Spock meowing in the backround. I just can't wait to meet him...or her.

Well, whoever is in SLO this weekend and wants to get together, call me up! Jarrett and I don't really have any plans other than soaking in the goodness of SLO....mmmm can't wait!