Friday, November 23, 2007

Busy Week

I seriously apologize for the lack of blog updates. The past few weeks have been very busy with lots of driving to SLO, a trip to the emergency room (I'm ok!), and lots of time spent with family and good friends. Unfortunately, I can't post pictures yet because I don't have my lap top with me but I will post some as soon as I get home.

My mom drove up to Vacaville and picked me up last Saturday so that I could come home early to see my friends that were coming home from school. Jarrett wasn't able to drive home until Wednesday afternoon. In the past few days I've spent time roaming the beautiful streets of downtown SLO with my wonderful friend Heather, which I miss so much, I went to Sundae Sunday at my Bible study leader, Tracy's house and got to catch up with a lot of the girls from my Bible study who I miss more than words can say. Tuesday night, a bunch of my high school friends got together and went to Klondikes for the all you can eat pizza night. My whole day/ week/month/year was made when I got to see my dear friend Lance. I'm particularly thankful this Thanksgiving season that I got to see Lance and give him a big/gentle hug considering what he's been through in the last year. For those of you who aren't familiar with Lance and his story, Lance who is in the army, was seriously injured on September 10 in a horrible accident in Iraq that claimed the lives of 7 of his buddies and seriously injured the rest of the guys in his platoon. Lance had many severe injuries, the worst being a broken back, but is doing well and recovering in a hospital in Georgia. I look up to Lance for more reasons than I can list but mostly for his strength, courage, and unshakeable faith in the Lord.

On Wednesday, I got to relax and breath in the sweet ocean air in Avila Beach with Heather. Going to the beach with Heather is a must do every time she comes home from school but I can't say it's the most comfortable experience. Heather who goes to school in Colorado, comes home to SLO and thinks it's like 100 degrees here compared to Colorado. So because of this, she insists that we have to lay out at the beach and attempt to tan. All of my attempts to convince her that 65 degrees is not ideal laying out conditions failed, so there I was with goose bumps and my towel rapped around me tightly, my sweatshirt zipped up to the top, with a smile on my face because although it was freezing, I wouldn't give up that time spent with Heather for the world!

Thursday was Turkey day, and my first holiday with Jarrett as a married couple. We spent most of the day with Jarrett's dads side of the family. Shout out to Grandpa Ron. And then later on we went to my house and enjoyed dessert with our good friends,the Maguires. So I feel 5 pounds heavier, and I'm sitting here pondering how I managed to eat so much. Oh well enjoying massive amounts of mashed potatos, green bean casserole, and stuffing is worth every calorie and guilty feeling.

Jarrett and I are leaving for home tomorrow. I hope everyone else had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm truly thankful for all the wonderful people in my life, good health, my amazing families, and of course for my better half, which Jarrett is, and for the fact that I get to have him home instead of overseas, at least for now!