Thursday, November 29, 2007

Crying mess...

This week has just been one of those weeks. The kind of week when everyone and everything seems to cause me to tear up and turn into a blubbery mess. But today, finally, after about oh noon, the skies opened up and halleluja my eyes are tear free. Jarrett and I drove home on Sunday and since then I've been battling homesickness. After spending an amazing week with my family, friends, and Jarrett in my favorite place in the world, SLO, coming back to Vacaville just didn't seem right. And did I forget to mention Jarrett and I brought home a friend? Yes, well Saturday for the first time in a long time I made a decision without thinking about it thoroughly over many hours or days. Jarrett and I adopted a little puppy from Woods Humane Society and we call her Olive...Olive the Other Reindeer, the name courtesy of my mom. Jarrett and I weren't too fond of the name, but after trying to call her other ones, they just didn't seem to fit and Olive just seemed right and not to mention that she looks a lot like the cartoon dog from 'Olive the Other Reindeer.'

Olive, Olive, Olive. Where to start. She's an amazing puppy...when she's not peeing on our carpet. No, I'm kidding. She's great but I just didn't realize how tough training a puppy was going to be. If it's anything like having a kid, I can say right now that I am not having kids for a very very very long time. Well, Jarrett and I realized that our apartment is just way to small to have a puppy and we've been wanting to move on base anyways, so Jarrett finally filled out the paper work to put us on the list for on base housing. I know Jarrett has reservations about living on base, but he realizes that it will be really good for me. I will feel a lot safer living on base and not so isolated. So they say the longest we will be waiting to get on base is 3 months, so please pray that the Lord will work everything out.

In other news, Jarrett was informed today that he can't travel more than 3 hours away from base incase they call him up to deploy with short notice. We are really bummed because this obviously means that we can't go home for Christmas. I was really looking forward to going back to SLO to spend the holidays at home with family and friends, but I know the Lord will make this holiday special even if it's just the two of us. First Christmas as a married couple. Cute.

Jarrett and I are getting prepped for the holidays and boy is it fun. We went to Wal Mart today and spent a little more than we should on Christmas cd's, lights, ornaments, cards, and why the heck is a Christmas tree skirt $25? Maybe I'm cheap but that just seems silly. Tomorrow we are going to go get our tree. We haven't figured out where a tree is even going to fit in our apartment but even if it means throwing our dining room table out on the balcony for a few weeks, we are getting a tree! I'll post pics of it soon! In the mean time, here are a few pics from our time at home and Olive! Enjoy!
(Lance is Amazing)
(Holiday Tradition. Heather is crazy)
(Soaking in sun in Avila) (My attempt at baking. It had to be documented.)
(Meet Olive.)
(She's cute)(She loves her Momma. Momma's starting to love her now that she's not peeing on the carpet 6 times a day.)
(Olive is festive)
(We love being married.)