Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Little Olive

When Jarrett got home yesterday, he sat me down and told me that he had received an unfortunate call that our dog Olive had been hit by a car. We adopted Olive from a human society about two weeks after we got married and she quickly became a part of our new little family. Olive was probably the biggest pest I have ever known but she was an even bigger lover. She slept in our bed with us, her head nuzzled against mine on the pillow. She would curl up in a little ball next to me, her head on my lap whenever I sat on the couch. She was overly protective but I didn't mind because she was my companion. When Jarrett and I first got married, I became extremely sad because I was alone all day in a new apartment in a city that I knew nothing about. Olive helped me get through that difficult time by constantly sticking by my side and giving me more puppy kisses than were necessary. When Jarrett and I got our orders to move to Guam, we struggled over what we were going to do with Olive. We didn't want her to have to suffer the long plane ride, we didn't want her to be quarantined for a long period of time (they don't have rabies in Guam), and we didn't know if where we were going to live would be a place she would be happy in. So we made the incredibly difficult decision to leave her with my family. And I'm so happy we made that decision. At my parent's house, Olive got to run around and be free. She had four people instead of two to love on her, and most importantly, she got cookies and treats. Enough treats to make her become a little chub chub. We will miss Olive greatly but I think she accomplished a lot in her short puppy life and it was time for her to go on to puppy heaven.


Natalie Goffinet said...

Aww kate,
I couldn't imagine being with out my little maggie! I"m sorry for your loss! Will you get another one? HOw is your time in Guam, how is married life? Hope al lis well!

Mama Mote said...

It's so sad to lose a pet whether because of age or especially through an accident. I'm sorry to hear about Olive. She was a gift from God to give you those memorable moments and peaceful times you needed. Love your pics with her. hugs