Sunday, April 18, 2010

Life is a funny thing

Well Jarrett and I are settling in to the fact that he is no longer deploying this summer. For those who were not aware, Jarrett was tasked to deploy this summer with his squadron and I was planning on making the trek back to California for a few months. Well last week, Jarrett received word that the deployment is off. This news is frustrating because it's the third time Jarrett has been tasked to deploy only to be told he isn't going. But despite our frustrations, we are even more overjoyed that he is staying here in Guam with me! So now we moved forward and feel like we can actually really settle in to our home here in Guam. This is the first time that we will be able to settle into our life and home without anticipating a deployment or move. It's actually a strange feeling for me as I have felt afraid to get too attached to a place, home, or current way of living pretty much for our entire marriage. Jarrett and I don't know quite what to do with ourselves but feel excited that we can just be a normal married couple. That is until the Lord decides to spur something else on us! But until then, we will soak this time in.

And because blogs are always more entertaining with pictures, here are a few pictures from the past couple weeks.

Here is my man looking all buff!

Beautiful golden sunset.
Local cuisine. Throw the fish on the grill and serve as is!
Local fire dancer. He then proceeded to accidentally light his skirt on fire. Entertaining none the less.


Amanda said...

The fire dancer shot is great! Did you get a shot of his skirt on fire? Now that's entertainment!

Wow - you've really been back and forth on the deployment issue. But such great news that Jarrett will stay put and you can continue to enjoy life together in the tropics!