Thursday, November 5, 2009

Life Life Life

Life is a roller coaster. Boy is it ever. I can't believe we have been in Guam for almost 3 months. It doesn't feel like that long but at the same time it does. We are homesick. Plain and simple. We often lay in bed, unable to fall asleep, just talking about home and the things we miss. It's not that we aren't taking advantage of Guam or that we are just living for what's to come in the future instead of living for today. It's just that the longer we are here, we are learning things that we miss and wish were here, and things about Guam that don't make us so happy. But we are making do. We have each other and because of that, we could live almost anywhere and still be happy.

I know a couple of weeks ago I wrote about my new job. Well I guess just because you like a place doesn't mean you are going to like working there. It's been challenging. So I am currently in limbo as far as the job situation goes. I'm just praying that the Lord would lead me to make the right decisions regarding my job situation. Other was my birthday on Monday. The day was pretty relaxing. I could kiss the person who invented manicures and pedicures. But there was also a first for me. I was pulled over for speeding...on my birthday! 54 in a 35...yikes. The thing about driving here in Guam is the speed limit is 35 almost everywhere but people drive 50+. Not that that makes it ok, but it's normal here. Well apparently about once a quarter, the Guam PD sets up speed traps. Well I got caught in one. They pulled everyone over into this empty field and I was there along with about 15 other cars. A lot of military and other spouses. Well the cop saw it was my birthday so he couldn't give me a ticket and also because I like USC football, which happened to be his favorite team. I got very lucky because I do feel I was very deserving of the ticket. I gave myself a slap on the wrist. Ironic thing was that just the day before i was bragging to my father in law on skype about how I had never been pulled over and I was making fun of Jarrett for all the tickets he has gotten. Well I think the Lord was trying to humble me.

Other exciting news is that I was accepted to Penn State! I am so excited to finally finish my degree and through a good school to beat. I'm going to give my diploma a big fat kiss when it is placed into my hands! It's a perfect situation since I will be moving home next summer for quite some time while Jarrett is deployed. I may even be able to finish while i am home so that I can travel to Pennsylvania and walk in the ceremony.

Well that's the update. Now I'm off to go get ready for a military appreciation cocktail party at Louis Vuitton. It's hard to find reasons to get all dressed up these days. No proms or dances to get dolled up for. So I am excited to put on a cute cocktail dress, do my hair, and slip on some heals. Happy Friday!! (Almost Friday for those of you in the states)


Natalie Goffinet said...

Aww sounds like you guys are getting along well. I know how that is about jobs. I was really excited about getting mine and loved it at firts...then working 4 nights a week was wearing on paul and I a lot. So now he keeps telling me I need to quit...but I need the money in order to pay for things like school, and those little extra things that our pay check doesn't cover. But do I really need to rely on myself to provide for those things. Ever since we got married that Lord has not once failed to pay for anything!
Anyway I pray that you guys are still happy as ever! I hope you have or had fun at your party!!!

Mama Mote said...

Congratulations on your Penn State acceptance! Pray that all things work well, timing-wise, with the job, deployment, college, etc. Glad you're doing well, too. love and hugs