Saturday, October 31, 2009

I know why I married him...

This week has been a particularly hard week. I worked 8 hour shifts 6 days straight. That might not sound hard for some people, but I haven't worked in well over a year because of school, so I am not used to the hours or standing on my feet for 8 hours straight. The hours have taken a toll on my body, my emotions, and my sleep (I have to get up at 5:30 am). Well my poor husband has had to listen to my rants about customers and others, my cries, and my complaints about my feet hurting for the past week. I feel bad. But being the wonderful man that he is, he listens, talks to me, and takes care of me in so many ways. My birthday is Monday and I came home today to a gift bag full of goodies. He couldn't wait until Monday for me to open it, so he asked me to open it tonight. I have to say that this present was probably one of my most favorites, if not my most favorite I have ever gotten. Not because it cost a lot of money, or was extravagant, but because it was so deeply thoughtful. Ok so first I unwrapped the last season of Gilmore Girls that he picked up for me at the library today.Yay! Also included in the bag was a to-go mug for my coffee in the morning, a Guam key chain because I have a Harley Davidson key chain on my house keys because that's how the landlord gave them to us, a CD with a bunch of Christian artists on it, a bottle of Victoria's Secret lotion that I used to wear every day when I was a freshman in high school (the year we met), my favorite shortbread cookies, and a book by the same author that wrote The Five Love Languages. My husband knows me well and that was illustrated by all the thoughtful gifts he had picked out for me. My day was brightened immediately and I was reminded exactly why I married my husband. He loves me through and through, listens to my dramatic rants, makes me coffee and draws me a bath before I get home, and he knows me like no one else knows me (except for God of course). So in the midst of one crazy, difficult, conflicting week, I am so thankful I have my husband by my side to help me through it all.