Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October 14, 2007

I remember that beautiful day like it was yesterday. Going to church with my family that sunny and crisp Sunday morning; knowing that in just a few short hours, my life would be forever changed. Arriving at the salon, via my newly licensed brother, proudly sporting a simple tank top with the word "Bride" bedazzled across my chest in blue rhinestones. Yes, I was a bride. Sitting in that chair, my hands nervously clenched together, while my cheeks were brightened with soft pink blush and my lips painted red. I was a blushing bride. I can remember like it was yesterday, my mom delicately fastening my shoes and buttoning each button on the white silk dress I had dreamed about wearing since I was a child.I can remember the look in my dad's eyes when he saw his only daughter get ready to walk down the aisle. A look of pride, sadness, love, and hope all in one gaze. I remember seeing my utterly handsome future husband, and knowing that despite the uncertainty of the future that engulfed us, one thing was certain. We were certain that we were soulmates, best friends, a team, and about to be linked until death do us part. In that moment, I didn't care about anything else. Only YOU. Your smile, your heart, your being. I felt like the luckiest girl on the planet and still feel that way today. Two amazing, happy, crazy, and indescribable at times years later.

As you sleep next to me, the sound of your gentle breathing softly fills the quiet room. I fight to stay awake just to hear the whispered "I love you"s that you always say when you are awakened for just a moment, and then you sweetly close your eyes and drift back to sleep. I live for those simple moments. God blessed me more than I can say when he chose me to be your bride. I love you my honey, my slice of heaven, my gift, my book worm, my forever, my husband. Happy Anniversary.

~Your wife


Natalie Goffinet said...

Oh you guys are so sweet and so refreshing. I'm so happy for you too. Two years right? They go by so fast. I hope everything is going well for you two in Guam.

A ray of Sunlight said...

so beautifully written. :)