Sunday, October 18, 2009

...and everything nice.

So I got a job!!! Ok so let me start by telling you how AMAZING our God is! I have been searching for a job ever since we arrived on this island. It is a little difficult for non-locals to find jobs but for understandable reasons such as the fact that military don't live here permanently. I submitted application after application, resume after resume with no such luck. Anyways, I found this cafe the week we arrived called Sugar and Spice and I LOVE it. I fell in love with this cafe for a number of reasons such as the atmosphere (nice and cozy), the coffee, and the fact that the owner is from San Francisco and all the food has a California flair to it. I started going to this cafe at least once a week, more when we were living in the hotel nearby. A couple weeks after we arrived, I asked the owner if they were hiring and he said to bring my resume in. For some reason, I never dropped my resume off. Well last week I had an interview for a retail store and to put it lightly, it didn't go well. I was feeling really down when I left. As I was driving home, I felt the Lord strongly urge me to turn around and go back to Sugar and Spice. I just so happened to have an extra resume in my car, so I walked in and lo and behold, the cafe was completely empty and the owner was there hanging out. He pretty much interviewed me on the spot, said he remembered me, and that he really liked my resume. He recognized that I had gone to Cal Poly and UC Davis and was impressed. The next day he hired me! To make this story even more amazing is the same day I got hired, we got a call that my car had arrived on island and was ready to be picked up. That wouldn't sound too exciting if it wasn't for the fact that my car wasn't supposed to arrive for another 3 weeks! So I am now a full time server at Sugar and Spice and I'm being trained to do inventory and calculate employee cost. The manager knows that my husband is military so he gave me morning shifts so that I can be with Jarrett at night. I have felt so overwhelmed by the Lord this week and how GOOD He is to us. The Lord truly did answer my prayers, and even though it felt like forever, it was in His perfect timing. He knew that I wasn't ready to start working right away, He knew that I would need my car, and He knew that working at my favorite place on the island would make me feel comfortable and happy. I feel so blessed and taken care of by my Heavenly Father.


A ray of Sunlight from the Reichmuth said...

This is so wonderful! Isn't it amazing how God reallllly does take care of us? His plans are perfect! How exciting for you guys! I know for us- when we first moved up to northern CA, for Mason's new accounting job, I had several interviews and no job. I continually struggled with wanting to "help contribute" to the family's income and not to mention-- have something to fill up my time. Literally, the week I let it go and gave it to God, I got hired. God knows best! :)

Natalie Goffinet said...

Oh isn't it amazing how the Lord blesses you! I was in sort of the same situation except I didn't get a job until 6 months after I put in my resumes. But I have a job now being a server and I love it. And it's at the best place in town, haha, seriously there are now good places to eat here. Anyway I'm so happy for you and jarrett. How long are you guys going to be in Guam?

Mama Mote said...

We've been talking about God's timing and how we are leading the perfect life - for us...for you...for me. He knew exactly what he was doing, every step of your life. Nothing will be wasted in His economy. Your job, the car, your exciting! I'm excited to see what he has for me in a job. I'm not in a hurry, but I do need to get out there more and check things out more. Congratulations, Kate. Wish we could come visit and get some coffee. ;)