Thursday, March 10, 2011

Updated Belly Pics

Here are some recent belly pics taken at 16 and 18 weeks. I'm almost 19 weeks and we will *hopefully* find out whether little Peanut is a boy or girl in only 13 short days! So far, I'm still feeling pretty great. A whole lot less tired and my appetite has returned to normal. Praise the good Lord this pregnancy has been relatively easy so far.
16 weeks
16 weeks
18 weeks
18 weeks
18 weeks


Amanda said...

you look wonderful dear niece!! i wonder if you are going to share peanut's gender when you find out?? ;-)

btw i am really happy to hear from your dad that you guys were spared the tsunami -- all alone out there in the pacific is so worrisome at times like this!

sending love and hugs to you, jarrett and peanut from aunt amanda and family♡

A. Summer said...

Hi, Kate-your Dad just sent a link to your latest Ultrsound update and pictures. I just want to let you know that you and Jarrett are in my thoughts and prayers. So exciting to hear you are going to have a boy!
Are you coming home before you enter the June, July, August "No Fly" Zone? Glad to hear you didn't get impacted by the recent Tsunami-like Aunt Amanda said-Guam is such a tiny island in a big sea!
Love-Aunt Amy