Saturday, April 3, 2010

I'm home!

Well I have been home for a couple weeks now. I left Florida on a Friday and spent a wonderful weekend with my mom in San Francisco. I then drove back to Travis and planned to catch a flight that was going to Hickham, AFB in Hawaii and then on to Guam. By the grace of God I made it onto the flight to Hickham, and I mean it truly was a miracle. There were probably 100 people trying to get on the flight and only 10 seats. I was considered category 4 and they didn't even make it to category 3. But last minute, they opened up a few more seats and needed passengers who were traveling alone. And I was the only one in my category traveling alone! I made it onto the flight but found out just as we were about to land that they weren't going on to Guam until the following morning, if they were even going to go to Guam at all. Fortunately, I friend of mine in Hawaii found out I got onto the flight and met me at the terminal. I stayed with her for the night only to find out the next morning that the flight was canceled and the next flight to Guam wasn't until Wednesday (it was Sunday). Come Wednesday and the flight was canceled and the flight on Thursday was only carrying active duty passengers. So in the end, I ended up buying a commercial ticket to Guam. All in all, my trip was amazing and I got to see so many great friends and my mom. Most importantly, my time with Katie was priceless and I am happy to say that as of yesterday, Katie was released from the hospital after 51 long days! I wasn't able to take too many pictures but here a few from my trip. I'm not going to include any pictures of Katie because I don't think she would be comfortable with that (she really hated her feeding tube). But I did capture some great pictures of her getting her hair done in the ICU and the moment when I walked in the door of her room; I think she will appreciate those when she looks back on this really difficult time.

This is Natalie holding baby Anna. Natalie is one of my best friends from Travis and Anna is our friends Paul and Leigh Anne's new baby.
Me holding sweet baby Anna.
This is the beach in Waikiki. I tried to enjoy Hawaii as much as possible while I was "stuck" there.
Me and Leigh Anne.
I just so happened to arrive at Travis the weekend of Tate's 2nd birthday party. Tate is Paul and Leigh Anne's first born and probably my most favorite baby, well not so much a baby anymore, ever.