Sunday, September 27, 2009

Home In a 12.5oz Jar

Yessssss!!!! They have it! I squealed. I opened the jar and closed my eyes as I breathed in the sweet aroma. Jarrett knew. He understood. With loving eyes, he grabbed the candle from me and gently placed it in the cart. A little 12.5oz, highly overpriced, halloween edition candle. Seems silly but this pretty baby is so much more than just a candle to me.

This pumpkin spice flavored candle is more like home in a jar to me. The spicy aroma reminds me of Olive cuddling up next to me as I vigorously studied my Chemistry and Biology notes; her little wet nose nuzzling my blanket. This was her signal to me to let her under the blanket. This smell reminds me of me and Jarrett, our noses burried in the pages of the Twilight series (don't tell him I told you that), and the glances we made at each other every few minutes. The I know I'm a nerd but I don't care and I love you for it glance. This scent reminds me of last Thanksgiving when my family drove to Travis and I successfully attempted to make my first Thanksgiving meal. This tiny candle reminds me of the long, honest, and loving conversations I had with my dear friend Natalie. The conversations that helped us grow from Chemistry lab buddies to lifelong friends. This smell reminds me of the home that Jarrett and I created from the tiny space we were given. A home so filled with love, laughter, and friendship, that I would have been content with a space of any size.

As I burn this candle in our new home, I am beginning to feel like no matter how white our walls are, no matter how loud our voices bounce off the white tile that stretches from wall to wall, no matter how much furniture we have (still waiting on half of our stuff), that this place is becoming our home. I can't wait to create more memories and friendships within these walls.


Mama Mote said...

Isn't it just like God to give us even a small thing like a candle, to bring us memories that can take us back home for a visit? And a way to start making your new home, your NEW home? I think finally going down to the beach made me feel like I'm home again. As long as I have the beach around (well, I feel this way anyway), I feel like I'm home. It's beautiful here on the Strand and Dan is enjoying riding along the beach on his bike when he rides home that way. We just need to make more trips - it's only 2 miles away, but our neighborhood looks more like city, so just going those two miles gives us a breath of fresh sea air. Glad you are feeling better each time you post. love you guys

A ray of Sunlight said...

you are an amazing author...God gave you inspiring words, and I'm so blessed to read them :) we miss you over here!